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Drone and Aerial Photography

We are pleased to offer this new option to our prospective and existing clients that brings a unique view and a distinct advantage.  Whether you are a Realtor desiring to show your property from a different perspective, want to cover a festival or event, grab some aerial footage of your wedding, needing a commercial property evaluation prior to purchase, or just a wonderful picture or video of your home or business, we can make that happen.

Our principle photographer and owner, Scott Ptak, has been a licensed Commercial Fixed-Wing Pilot for decades and his love for flying has only increased over the years.  He has taken that knowledge and love of flying and combined it with the latest Unmanned Aerial Vehicle technology to provide this service to you. Scott is an FAA licensed Part 107 sUAS (small Unmanned Aircraft Systems) operator and would be pleased to demonstrate for you how simple it is to get great video and stills in this unique manner.